Parkway Residence at Blue Ridge Mountain Club

Situated atop the North Carolina High Country near Blowing Rock, the Parkway Residence at Blue Ridge Mountain Club stands as a landmark project for MBI. Planned and constructed over a three-year period, this spectacular 11,000 (heated) square foot home brings together stunning architectural style, elegant materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Behind virtually every aspect of this home was an ongoing collaboration between the owner and the MBI design and construction team to create something altogether unique and timeless. From natural stone veneers, backlit onyx stone panels, handcrafted exotic wood accents, floor-to-ceiling glass folding doors and, of course, an infinity pool that appears to extend into the mountains, this home underlines our commitment to do the extraordinary.

Focal Wall

The one-of-a-kind, custom engineered Focal Wall travels the entire three-story height of the main staircase. Most striking is the combination of the self-supporting floating staircase adjacent to 19 individual backlit “white snow” onyx stone panels engineered and installed by MBI. Lighting on each panel can be controlled independently and/or choreographed in an assortment of colors.


Sometimes called Brazilian Teak, Cumaru is a dense, naturally durable and aesthetically attractive timber known for its interlocking grain and distinctive golden brown color. MBI used Cumaru extensively throughout the residence. Most notable is the hand-curved master bedroom ceiling and the custom ceiling panels in the Great Room.


Original architectural plans simply called for a length-of-the-house back deck with pool. The MBI team realized the potential for a zero-edge infinity pool, seamlessly connected with the Blue Ridge Mountain range. MBI added striking landscape lighting to complete the experience.

Custom Cabinetry

Throughout the Parkway residence is sleek, hand-made cabinetry, crafted by Amish artisans from exotic woods such as Morado, Afromosia and Teak. Unique touches like the full overlay consoles with 1” slat-face design transform virtually every piece into a work of art.