Many of our projects are negotiated with clients who already have their architectural plans or who already have a design professional they prefer working with. Clients continue to find that negotiated provides them with a better overall price and value over competitive bid projects. This process allows us to consult during the design and pre construction phases to insure that the methods of construction and the products specified are top quality yet cost efficient. It prevents the added costs needed for architects to prepare bid documents and oversee the competitive bid process and makes it simpler for clients to make changes and adjustments during construction. This delivery method also allows us fast track construction schedules so that clients are able to move in quickly. A cost plus a fixed fee or a certain percentage of construction cost fee is negotiated up front along with a competitive budget and a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). During construction we are totally open book, providing the client and architect all subcontractor and supplier bids, project costs, and any method of saving money and increasing quality. We provide our clients with a minimum of three qualified subcontractor and supplier bids for each item and 100% of the cost savings throughout this process is retained by the client.

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