Design Build

Single Source Responsibility, Quicker Design and Building Processes, More Cost Efficiency, and most importantly knowing there will be no cost surprises once the design process begins has made the Design Build option one of the most popular methods of construction. MBI Builders has teamed up with a number of architects, engineers, and design professionals who are experienced in a variety of construction styles and methods to provide a design build process that will meet any client’s needs.

Coordinating the design process allows us the opportunity to provide the necessary feedback to insure the building design and products specified are top quality but cost efficient.  Through being solely responsible for everything throughout the project it prevents any confusion, miscommunication, and adversity between the contractor and the design team.

This is the true One-Stop approach to building. We not only accept the accountability of the Design Build process, we embrace it as a means of insuring complete client satisfaction. The combined advantages of lower costs, expedited construction schedules, clear lines of communications between all parties, and no surprises provides maximize value to our clients.

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